Mountain Biking

image_mtn biking.jpgThe Shepherd Sports MTB Club is a group of mountain bike riders who gather every Saturday (unless noted here) to enjoy our beautiful Southern California home out on the dirt trails away from cars, noise, and most every single one of the 15 million people who live in the Los Angeles area. We are happy to teach and help you develop the skills necessary to enjoy God's amazing mountains as much as we do. Mountain bike riding is also a great way to improve your fitness. And don’t worry— no rider gets left behind!

As the local trails near the church recently became “no bikes”, we now have a regular rotation of rides at nearby locations for each Saturday of the month. Just click our page and find all the information for our most recent rides coming up.

Up Next:

Our MNT BIKE Club is currently on hiatus.

If you're interested in getting notices for our rides when they launch again, be sure to follow us on Strava:

Register HERE!!! Save time & get Mountain Bike notices!

Shepherd Mountain Bike Jerseys

Both our Black & White Jerseys are available for purchase. (limited quantities left) 

Cost is $40 & we have both Men's & Women's styles available. 

 Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.51.27 AM.pngWhite Mnt Bike Jersey.png


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Mountain Biking Notes

  • All participants must complete and sign a 2018 Registration form and Waiver (here) and bring it to your first ride.
  • Be sure to join Strava for up to date ride information. Trail locations and Ride details. 
  • We usually send out ride info the Thursday before. Strava is the best way to stay up to date on the club. 

Must Haves:

  • helmet
  • water (in a bike cage or back pack)
  • snacks for energy sunscreen
  • an extra tire tube for your size wheel
  • apparel appropriate for bike riding (including some form of cycling gloves)
  • a big smile!
  • We use 2/way radios to keep in touch over the trails, so bring it if you have it
  • Bring a Friend