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Shepherd Gym - COVID-19 Protocols

Gym Overview
• The Gym will be sectioned off with a dedicated entry and exit.
• Guests will check-in at the front window or outside the gym before entering.
• Shepherd will provide hand sanitizer in and around the gym.
• Masks will be available upon request at the sports wing.
• Anyone moving about the gym and or entering and or exiting are asked to wear a mask.
• While inside the gym all non-participants are asked to keep a 6ft distance between other people/families.

Gym Procedures
• Staff and Volunteers will encourage participants to avoid contact when necessary.
• High contact areas in the gym are be cleaned and sanitized regularity.
• At the end of each session, game or practice – participants/families will be ushered out of the gym through the exit doors, while maintaining social distance.
• All participants and guests will be ushered out before the next group is let in.

Specific to Youth Programs
• The above overview and procedure bullet points apply to all Youth Programs.
• Max of 2 family members may accompany their player to any league game.
• Max of 1 parent/family member may remain in the gym during a practice session.
• Staff and coaches will monitor players to help encourage and maintain physical distancing whenever possible.

Specific to Adult Leagues
• The above overview and procedure bullet points apply to all Adult Programs.
• There will be limited seating for all games.
• Players are asked to keep family and friends at home.
• Masks are not necessary for actual play, although encouraged for anyone who wants to wear them.
• We ask that when players are on the bench or in between play they maintain social distancing.