Adult Softball FAQ

How do I register?

Registrations can only be done through the Shepherd Sports online registration system. If you don’t see a registration link on the specific programs webpage the registration is not open.


Do I need to bring an entire team to play?

No. We offer a few options when signing up: Individual, Pair, Quad, or Group of 6. 


Will I be on the same team as the people I register with?

You will always be on the same team as anyone who you register with. No other request are guaranteed. 


What days and times do we play? 

Our league is currently played on Saturday mornings.


Do I need to wear a Shepherd jersey? 

Yes. If a player doesn’t wear one, that team will start the first inning with an out. 


Do all teams make playoffs? 

For the majority of our Softball leagues, only the top 4 teams make it to playoffs.


How many games are in a season?

We guarantee 7 games of play. If you make it to playoffs, you can expect 1-2 more games.


Do I need to have equipment?

We will have a few gloves and bats to lend out, but we highly recommend bringing/getting your own gear.

General FAQ

Where is Shepherd Sports?

Shepherd Sports Gym is located at 19700 Rinaldi St, Porter Ranch, CA 91326. Located in the middle building on property next to the playground. 


Do I have to attend Shepherd Church to participate?

No. Our programs are open to anyone. We encourage you to invite a friend.


How do I register?

Registrations can only be done through the Shepherd Sports online registration system. If you don’t see a registration link on the webpage, that program registration is not open yet.


What if I have to cancel or withdraw from the program?

We have a refund policy. Please see it Here.


Why is there a missing game or date from a schedule?

Many times, the gym/field is used for other events within the church, thus causing a bye for that current league.


How old do I have to be to play in Shepherd’s adult leagues? 

You must be 18 years old to participate in any of our adult leagues.


What does a deposit get you? 

Deposits are only for full teams’ deposits are non-refundable. A deposit will secure your spot in our league until 1 week before the league starts. After that you must have completely paid for the league otherwise you will lose your deposit and your spot in our league. 


How does your waiting list work? 

Our leagues fill up fast and once a league reach capacity, we often employ a waiting list in case space becomes available. A Shepherd Sports staff will contact you if a spot opens up. We do not require payments to register on the waiting list.


Do you offer payment plans

No, we do not offer any payment plans.


What if I miss a week? 

Missing a week is common with most leagues. We do not prorate or give refunds for missed games.


Will there be practice or gym time available?

No, none of our adult leagues have dedicated time for practice. 


What is a Captain and how can I become one? 

The CAPTAIN will be the person responsible for registering the team, coming to meetings, and will be the main line of communication with our league coordinators and staff. The captain must uphold our standards and is expected to be an example to his/her team. If you or someone you know would like to help, please email or call us Adultsports@shepherdchurch.com  818-832-3470


How do I get notified about upcoming programs? 

If you have participated with us before you will automatically get email notifications about upcoming programs. If you have never participated with us before, we encourage you to click here and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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